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Post COVID Era

COVID has bring most people in this world tough times. People are feeling disconnected with the world. Isolation are making people's mood down. Such project can work as a courage that help them through difficult times.

As an international students who are taking online classes with huge time differences, I think it is necessary for me to speak out our problems so that we peers could better understand each other. This project is not only a kind of communication but also a kind of tip for students to cope with life and study in the post-covid era.

Process - Elements

Each illustration tells a unit story that shows the different aspects of life in the post-covid era, targeting on routine, cyber life, treatment, and entertainment during the epidemic.

Project_post covid life_Biological_Clock_edited_edited.jpg
Project_post covid life_Network_Life_edited.jpg
Project_post covid life_Medical_Life_edited_edited.jpg
Project_post covid life_Indoor Exercise__edited_edited.jpg
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